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Can I do this whilst I am in University/Full time work?

This is designed to work alongside a full-time commitment as we know most of our candidates are either in full time education or in full time work. As this is online-only you can do the entire mentorship on your smart phone or tablet and desktop.

85% Pass Needed



The Junior Recruiter mentorship is a course that is designed to give its students the practical understanding and know-how of what a recruiter says in a live call within a range of sourcing and talent acquisition services sectors. This has been designed by 7 of our clients with the intention of receiving candidates who have an above average technical knowledge base to allow successful placements to hit the ground running when starting employ
Bespoke Online Training with a “Live Call” know-how of what a Recruiter says to their Candidates/Clients

 This course is for applicants/students who are serious about joining a talent acquisition company who is looking for high end candidates with transferable skills. It is designed to give you an edge as well as access to some of the most established recruitment and executive search companies within the city of London.

You will learn:
How to communicate with B2C (Candidates) and B2B (Prospective Clients) using 21st Century business development techniques and have an above average knowledge of business development terminologies as well as the talent acquisition process to an intermediate level

Prospecting / Qualifying / Follow up / Sourcing / Information Gathering / Upselling / Cross Selling / Pipeline / Account Management / Objection Handling / Rebuttals / Pitching / Terms of Business Selling /




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What’s the Benefit of doing something like this with New London HR?

As we are an executive headhunting company we send out CV’s to clients and the benefit of doing a mentorship with us is we market you to our clients upon enrolment and completion. Showing our clients you understand the 360 process through a practical learning can increase your chances dramatically

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Does this really take only 5 days?

Yes, it’s only 5 days due to the fact we want to give you all the relevant information as quickly a possible without substituting quality. We can extend the period on a candidate by candidate basis if you have any prior commitments e.g. exams/trips



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3x Terms 

Contingent - Flat Fee - Retained

PRE - IPO Pitching Call

Do I need a qualification to be able to do this?

Our clients have helped us design this due to the reality of candidates without experience or a degree being overlooked by prospective employers, we only ask you enrol onto our mentorship programme if you are looking at recruitment sales with a 100% commitment and drive



You will receive an exam on the last day of your mentorship programme to test your knowledge of the recruitment process and the industry, the exam takes a 50% look at the technical understanding of talent sourcing and a 50% look at business development. If you pass over 85% we send the exam to our clients who have already received your CV from Day 1 of the mentorship programme.



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How does this look on my CV and do I get a copy?

 You can see how this looks like on your CV here and yes you get a copy the moment you enrol

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