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B2B (Business to Business)
General Tax Bracket Investors
High Net Worth Clients
Sophisticated Investors
Ultra-High Net Worth Clients

480 Students per year

New London HR is a market leading recruitment consultancy based in Mayfair, West London. Working on equally retained and contingent talent acquisition throughout the financial and technology markets. We are pleased to have a very high success rate when it comes to high end placements due to the bespoke nature of our service for our clients and equally our candidates.

79% Pass rate

10 Students per week


Stocks and Shares
Foreign Exchange Currency Pairs
Deliverable products
Private Funds

Bonds (Corporate & Government)

We also have a secondary service called the London Broker Training  which is an online platform where we coach 500 people per year…

Business Development Styles:

New London IT is a tech resource consultancy based in Mayfair, West london to be able to service high calibre candidates and clients dominantly in the tech sector. Working alongside New London HR which has a strong reach in financial sales and business development resourcing, allowing the New London brand to have a commercially powerful reach to its clients as well as a strong reach to its candidates.

How to Speak to Clients:

Qualification Questioning
Tonality Introduction
Consultative Pitching
Upselling Ethically

Liquidity Amount Questioning
Timeline Questioning
Passing Over to Senior Broker Techniques
Pre-closing on Information Extraction

Product Knowledge:

What you will learn...

New London Executiveis uniquely positioned within central London for talent acquisition of high calibre sales directors. Partnered up with new London HR and New London IT we have a combined experience of over 70 years in headhunting and recruitment.

New London Corporation Ltd (Company Registration no. 8830276) Level 1 , Devonshire House, One Mayfair Place, London W1J 8AJ 

is the trading name of the New London brand that was started in 2013 in the City of London with an aim of acquiring and running sales/marketing companies that provide an ethical and strong service to its clientele. We always aim to be a dominant force with any industry within the sector of recruitment, sales and marketing.

New London HR coaches 500 candidates per year on their online platform called the London Broker Mentorship. With examinations and online learning designed for candidates who are serious in searching for a career in financial sales, the course provides its students with the practical understanding and know-how of what a broker says in a live call within a range of financial services sectors. The course aims to give you an edge and access to some of the most established brokerages within the city of London.

The London Broker Training is a course that is designed to give its students the practical understanding and know-how of what a broker says in a live call within a range of financial services sectors. This has been designed by 13 of our clients with the mission of receiving candidates who have an above average technical knowledge base to allow successful placements to hit the ground running when starting employ
Bespoke Online Training with a “Live Call” know-how of what a broker says to their Clients/Prospects

 This course is for applicants/students who are serious about joining a financial services company who is looking for high end candidates with transferable skills. It is designed to give you an edge as well as access to some of the most established brokerages within the city of London.

You will learn:
How to communicate with B2C and B2B general tax bracket investors and High Net Worth Clients using 21st Century business development techniques and have an above average knowledge of financial products such as commodities, Stocks and Shares, FX, Hedge Fund and various different Luxury based HNW and UHNW products.

Prospecting / Qualifying / Follow up / Upselling / Cross Selling / Pipeline / Account Management / Objection Handling / Rebuttals / Pitching / Liquidity / Investment Amount / Leverage / Limit Orders / Stop losses /